Monday, March 21, 2011

Boat anchors aweigh!

Collins 32V3 CW/AM transmitter now installed in the shack and powered up with no magic smoke discharge. Tomorrow I'll install the Collins 75A4 Receiver and hopefully get them on the air this week!

I successfully avoided catching boat anchor disease until I visited with Bill Meara N2CQR and got a whiff of hot fire bottles in his shack. Then I started reading his book "Soldersmoke - Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics" and that put me over the edge. The nice part about ham radio, it's not an either/or activity. I can talk about satellite operations and home brewing QRP equipment on a 50 year old AM transmitter. There's not just something for everyone, but lots of somethings for everyone.

Soldersmoke - The Book

Collins Collector's Association